The 50th PVI (Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry) recruited in Schuylkill County, Berks County, Susquehanna County, Lancaster County, Luzerne County, and Bradford County, PA. 

The 50th PVI was mustered in on the 25th of September, 1861 and mustered out on July 31, 1865.  The 50th PVI was given the nick name "Old Reliable," and was chosen by General Ulysses S. Grant to be the "Army Representative" at the laying of the cornerstone of the National Monument at Gettysburg, July 4, 1865!

During service, the regiment lost 8 Officers and 156 Enlisted men either killed and mortally wounded and 4 Officers and 180 Enlisted men due to disease. Total lost 348.

There are 2 men who were awarded the Medal of Honor within the 50th PVI.

Rank and organization: Sergeant, Company C, 50th Pennsylvania Infantry.
Place and date: At Weldon Railroad, Va., 19 August 1864.
Entered service at:------. Birth: Schuylkill County, Pa.
Date of issue: 1 December 1864.
Citation: Capture of flag of 47th Virginia Infantry (C.S.A.).

Rank and organization: Corporal, Company C, 50th Pennsylvania Infantry.
Place and date: At Wilderness, Va., 6 May 1864.
Entered service at: -----. Birth: Schuylkill County, Pa.
Date of issue: 23 September 1897.
Citation: This soldier, with one companion, would not retire
when his regiment fell back in confusion after an unsuccessful charge,
but instead advanced and continued firing upon the enemy until the
regiment re-formed and regained its position.

This is the 50th PVI Co. E Roster:

William H. Diehl
Henry A. Lantz
Richard Herbert

First Lieutenant
Peter A. Lantz
Nicholas H. Sell

Second Lieutenant
H. A. Flickinger
Frank H. Forbes

First Sergeant
Abraham H. DeTurk
George McConnell

Levi Garrett
David R. Boughter
M. R. Thompson
William B. Gambler
Solomon K. Grim
Augustus N. Rhoads
William P. Moyer

John Rice
George Rosebury
John B. Kline
John P. Yoder
James Huy
John W. Seiders
Thomas C. Garrett
George Doran
F. R. Hoffman
William P. Winters
David W. Boyer
John Kelcher
Frank R. Smith

William Taylor
Walworth W. Wood

Adams, Anthony
Armpriester, Washington
Ash, William F.
Allwine, Jonathan
Adams, William
Boyer, George W.
Butler, James
Blackburn, Thomas
Bean, Edmond
Bernell, Richard
Baldwin, John
Burns, Alfred D.
Bierd, David
Boyer, Jacob
Boyer, Gabriel
Biery, David
Boor, Tobias
Biery, William
Bord, John H.
Boughter, John H.
Boyer, Benjamin
Blatz, Philip
Beale, Joshua W.
Carpenter, Aaron L.
Coxe, George
Christy, William
Carpenter, William J.
Carter, Robert
Conrad, William
Dieter, Charles
Deviese, William
Drayher, William
Dermer, Joseph C.
Derrick, William
DeWalt, Benneville
Eckenroth, Charles H.
Eisenhower, George D.
Ebling, Addi
Fisher, Franklin
Flammer, William
Faber, Theodore G.
Felding, Joseph
Fox, Edward
Fisher, Adam
Fisher, Thomas
Fees, Jeremiah
Fenstemacher, J.
Finefrach, Daniel
Fisher, Edward
Gift, Howard W.
Granrath, John
Good, Jacob
Good, John
Gahrett, Percival
Garber, John
Gerrett, Justice
Gift, Alfred W.
Geiger, Henry H.
Goodman, Aaron
Good, William H.
Gambler, Samuel
Haines, William
Hissner, Curtis S.
Higgins, John
Hurst, John
Hoffman, Elias S.
High, Isaac
Hunt, David
Haines, James
Harp, Frederick
Heckman, George
Huy, Benneville S.
Hiskey, Edward
Herbst, William
Hannuing, William
Herbst, Frank H.
Hobbs, Thomas
Hartman, Christ
Harvey, Frank
Hegan, Barney
Irieland, Alexander
Kauffman, Emanuel
Kauffman, Daniel
Kline, Charles S.
Koch, David
Kubb, Peter
Keyser, Matthias
Keller, John
Kendall, Charles
Kerney, John
Koch, Benjamin
Kline, Henry H.
Leininger, Nathan
Larrish, John W.
Lewis, Levi
Moll, Samuel
Meser, John H.
Menard, Jacob
Musig, Charles
Miller, Jeremiah
Miller, William H.
Maxton, William
Meade, George
Mack, William Penn
McCray, William
McConnell, Casper
Noll, Jeremiah
Nester, George
Nays, John T.
Neyer, John
Prescott, George
Peffer, Samuel
Rapp, Alonzo H.
Rise, Samuel
Rahn, Lewis
Richards, Tobias
Saylor, Nathan
Smith, William S.
Smith, Lucas
Snyder, Alfred
Stoudt, John W.
Snyder, Reuben Sigel, Philip Stoudt, Solomon Saylor, Thomas Sell, Daniel K. Smith, William Scott, John Snyder, David Sassaman, Nicholas Swoyer, Mayberry Smith, Samuel B. Tobias, Joseph Turner, George Thompson, George Ulrich, Charles L. Valentine, Levi Walmer, Israel
Weisor, Isaac R. Whitman, John H. Wentzel, Dallas Wynings, Leonard Weiser, William Wertz, William Williams, Henry Walmer, Joseph Weidenhamer, M. Wynings, John

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