Below you will find the basic items needed to be a Civil War volunteer infantry soldier:

Forage Cap
Navy Blue Sack Coat
Sky Blue Trousers
Wool Socks
Muslin or Checkered Shirt
Belt with "US" Brass Buckle
Cap Pouch
Cartridge Box and Sling w/Federal Eagle Breast Plate
Tan Canteen 
Unit Numbers and Company Letter on Hat
Springfield, Enfield, or Lorenze Rifle

When a soldier moved to 1st Sgt, they sometimes wore slouch hats and also sometimes had sword belts with a 1st Sgt's sword and pistols.

When a soldier moved to an officers position, they also sometimes wore slouch hats with a gold braid and had different sword belts than the 1st Sgts.  Some also wore boots instead of brogans.  They also carried an officers sword and a pistol.  The sword helped to guide the men on the move when it was hard to hear commands during battle. 

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